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Welcome to the CRUISING for SEX Personals, also known as the Communal Stall Wall. This is your totally free posting service for your personal and hookup ads.. You are not required to register to use this sitwe. If you do so and you login with your username, you'll get more features. However, any adult can anonymously post ads. If you are registered you can login with the form above. Not registered? Join here for free.

The Stalls are here to post your raunchiest ads (with a few rules that must be followed) in searching for one-on-one and group encounters between horny adults around the world. No gimmicks. Just totally free thanks to our sponsors.

Our founder, Keith started the Stalls in the 1990s and named them in honor of that other great method of hooking up at the public toilet. Whether you tap your foot or scribble a note on a stall wall, guys have been having hot sex in toilets long before Larry Craig and others made the news.

With changing times we see that all sorts of people — men, women, trans*, DL, and other identities — are using CRUISING for SEX. We welcome ads here from anyone, not just gay men, who want to hookup using this site. These Personals are also designed to work with the structure of our Sex Listings. If you see a place in the Sex Listings where you'd like to meet, post an ad here.

Before posting ads in the Stalls, read the rules posted on the submission form for new ads. The Editor may scan all ads for conformity with the rules and may delete or edit some of them.

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